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Take the train:

Sat. 23. Oct.Steam (locomotive) trainCafé on the train and Kiosk/Rest area at Gørlev station
Sun. 24. Oct.Steam (locomotive) trainCafé on the train and Rest area (no kiosk) at Gørlev station
The first coming departure is Saturday 23. October. (Today!)
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Buy online: Tickets can be purchased online via the "Køb billetter online til VSVTs tog" button below.
Buy locally: Tickets can also be purchased on the platform or on the train.
Note: All payment on the platform and on the train must be made with danish MobilePay or in cash. - Payment cards can not be used.

Køb billetter online til VSVTs tog

Mere om billetter: 

En billet gælder for den dag, hvor den er købt.

Uanset, hvor billetten er købt, kan man stige på toget i Høng eller i Gørlev én gang og køre tilbage med en valgfri afgang én gang.

About this plan


This is an explanation of the service options mentioned above.
  • Café on the train:
    In this train there is a café-carriage.
    In the café you can buy hot and cold drinks, cake, sweets and souvenirs.
  • Rest area at Gørlev station:
    At the station in Gørlev there is a covered rest area with tables/benches where you can sit and eat your purchased or brought food.
  • Kiosk at Gørlev station:
    In the kiosk at Gørlev station you can buy hot and cold drinks, cake and sweets.
  • No kiosk:
    There is no kiosk at the station.


If the fire hazard index is moderate ("moderat") or more, unfortunately we must not run with a steam locomotive for the sake of the danger of fire in nature
Instead, the train can be smaller and be carried by two motor cars of the type "Triangel" from the 1920s.

Read more about the route and the stations: 

A journey with the West Zealand vintage train is like experiencing a train journey from the "good old days". 

West Zealand vintage train is run by unpaid volunteers, who use their spare time to maintain and operate the train. 

The vintage train runs on various lines on Zealand between normal services.
See the entire list under the menu item "Find the veteran train".

The vintage train will operate on the following routes during the summer of 2017:The vintage train resembles a typical branch line train from 1951, although the carriages date from the 1920`s and the steamlocomotive is from 1917.
You will rattle away in one of the infamous "bone-shaker" carriages, sitting on a hard wooden bench or perhaps on of the "comfortable" leather seats! Out of the window you will see the pleasant West Zealand landscape pass by at the formidable speed of 60-70 km/h!
If you stand on one of the open carriage verandas, you can enjoy the lovely view while the wind blows through your hair. You can also follow the rhythm of the steam engine as it works hard up the incline.
The train includes a refreshment carriage where there also is the possibility of buying postcards and souvenirs.